Josh Levi


JOSH LEVI, a native Houstonian, is an accomplished singer/songwriter, actor, and dancer. He personifies the true meaning of a “triple threat”.

Josh began singing at age five. In fact his first original song was performed for his younger sister’s kindergarden graduation. His professional acting career began at age nine, landing a recurring role on the NBC’s hit series “Friday Night Lights. Josh played Darius Merriweather along Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, Taylor Kitsch, and Jurnee Smollett. He also garnered rave reviews for starring as “Pistol” in Debbie Allen’s production of “Twist an American Musical”, in Los Angeles.

In order to keep his music career on the fast track, Josh Levi began training vocally and working on music covers and original music with the production duo, the Invaders. He permanently relocated to Los Angeles in 2013, immediately demanding the attention of some of L.A.’s top producers and songwriters.

Recently Josh starred in a feature film, “The Next Dance.” He worked alongside Jonathan “Lil J” McDaniels (recording artist, Thats so Raven) , Cindy Herron (enVouge), Sabrina Brian (Cheetah Girls), and Brandon Smith (Sonny with a Chance, So Random, Let it Shine). He also competed in season 3 of the reality television competition, X Factor. Talent show judge extraordinaire, Simon Cowell, stated “we might just be looking at the next big star.” Finishing his run on the X Factor with rave reviews, Josh continues to pursue his career with a newfound fanbase, LeviNation, and hopes to be the triple threat star his fans expect him to be.